Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to Our Site!

We would like to welcome our readers to this site, and tell you a little about ourselves. We are a non-partisan group, consisting of Breslov Chassidim and other religious Jews, who are interested in helping in the process of bringing the remains of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov to his real home - in the Land of Israel. This is indeed a process, which began over ten years ago and continues to this day.

There are many reasons for this: personal, religious/spiritual, economic and political. We are certain that it will happen, and will have a profound effect not only on Breslov Chassidim, but on world Jewry at large, the People of Israel, and ultimately, the entire world.

While many of you are aware that Rebbe Nachman chose to be buried in the town of Uman in the Ukraine, you may not be aware that this was not his ultimate choice. We have documentation from his own writings to show that this decision was a temporary one, and that his real home and ultimate goal was that he be interred in the Land of Israel. We will presenting this extensive documentation in installments on this site, and appreciate your comments and participation in this very important mission!

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geoffrey max mordecai said...

The material is now available and very convincing.. If someone is AGAINST and hasn't read it, that person is no longer OUR or HIS problem!

Can we make things even CLEARER?